• DUI .19 and Xanax
    Based on evidentiary issues, was able to have the DUI charge dismissed and pled to a Reckless Driving charge with fine. No suspension, no ADSAP.
  • DUI
    Very bad facts and video. However, investigation revealed that police did not legally stop the vehicle. Was able to successfully negotiate a dismissal of the DUI charge and had administrative suspension overturned.
  • DUI and DUS
    Both carried driver’s license suspension. Based on a careful review of the evidence, was able to have both charges dismissed and pled guilty to a no point equipment violation with fine.
  • DUI and drug charges
    Young man with outstanding academic background on college scholarship. Was able to have him participate in and complete program which allowed him to keep his driver’s license, keep his scholarship, and have no criminal record.
  • DUI and 4 other charges
    Involved young Army veteran whose job with major U.S. Corporation was at stake. DUI dismissed. Pled to Reckless Driving and other minor traffic charges carrying fine only. No suspension. Able to keep job.
  • DUI .18
    Contested administrative hearing. Successfully argued to have administrative suspension overturned . No ADSAP, no suspension, driver’s license restored.
  • DUI .19
    Pled to Reckless Driving, DUI dismissed. Administrative suspension overturned. No ADSAP.
  • DUI .22
  • DUI .22
    Dismissed and administrative suspension overturned
    Case involved a young mother of three small children. She faced a jail sentence and a 5 year license revocation. We were able to favorably negotiate a prior charge and also plead to a lesser charge that carried no jail, no suspension and no revocation.