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Client Reviews for Sutton Law Firm

Bob Sutton is an exceptional lawyer who truly has his clients’ best interest at heart. He treats his clients with respect, and will hold your hand through the legal process. He gives 110% to get the best outcome he can for his clients, even in difficult circumstances. He’s constantly providing you with updates, while not sugarcoating possible outcomes. His positivity and professionalism is truly unmatched. I would recommend him to any family or friend member down here.
Sydney Taylor Avatar
Sydney T.
have used many attorneys over the years and he was super friendly and professional .he will be my go to guy for anything in the future . thanks for a great experience ... mr. barnes
chris barnes Avatar
chris b.
I was charged with DUI April of 22. l called Bob Sutton right after and he told me to come see him After talking with him he made my feel much better. l was scared for five month than he called me and told me to go get my license
fin dog Avatar
fin d.
Mr. Sutton went above and beyond to represent me in my case. I was charged with a DUI, and after consulting him, I chose him instead of other attorneys. He wasn’t the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. He won my administrative hearing, and was offered a plea to reckless driving. He reviewed the case, and decided he would rather take it to trial than to accept that plea deal. With his expertise, he went to court and got a complete dismissal. 10 out of 10 would recommend him to any of my friends.
Adam Salkeld Avatar
Adam S.
Mr. Sutton is an amazing lawyer. He is very professional. He made my stressful situation a lot easier to handle. 10 stars here!!! Highly recommend Mr. Sutton.
Jennifer Martin Avatar
Jennifer M.
Where do I even start!? Mr. Sutton is by far the best lawyer in Myrtle beach. Not only is he the best lawyer but he is a good man. I was arrested for a second offense dui. I immediately googled the best DUI lawyer in Myrtle Beach and I saw his great reviews. I had no doubt mr. Sutton was the man to go with. I was facing a 30 day administrative license suspension and a possible conviction of a third tier (high breath alcohol reading)DUI. Mr Sutton won my administrative hearing with me not present. I was able to get my license back until my trial and not only did he do that he also got my DUI completely expunged as if I was never arrested at all! I never saw a court room. I can’t thank this man enough. He saved my life and my career. You will not go wrong with hiring him! Thank you mr Sutton!!
Nathan Oneal Avatar
Nathan O.
What can I say? Bob is a great guy and I am so grateful for the work that he did on my case. I can truly say I was in a very very bad situation. I did as was instructed by Bob and followed his directions, including a drug an alcohol class. The outcome for me was better than I could have ever hoped for. I could have went with some of the other lawyers that promised me they would get the charges dropped but I went with my gut. Bob didn't make me any promises, but he did promise to do his best, and his best was better than I could have hoped for. Thank you so much Bob. I truly truly truly appreciate you. Thank you. Thank you. If you are looking for a lawyer, I would 110% recommend Bob Sutton.
Jack P Avatar
Jack P.
Mr Sutton was recommended to me by a good friend and i cant thank my friend enough. He's friendly, professional, and very informative. He explained to me what I would have to do as this was my first DUI and would have affected me severely. He kept me informed throughout my case and got me a fantastic result of a Reckless Driving. This good man is a miracle worker and stands by his quote "Helping good people through bad times".I cant thank you enough Mr. Sutton
Francisco Romero Avatar
Francisco R.
I contacted and retained Bob Sutton about a case I was really worried about. He went ABOVE and BEYOND for me and I never once stepped inside a court room. I would give him 10 stars if I could! Definitely your go-to in a situation where you want someone to genuinely care about your outcome!
Amber McNeil Avatar
Amber M.
Before talking to Bob I honestly had no idea where to go with my legal troubles, but after a quick sit down and talk through with him he made it simple for me, and he really came through. All charges dropped and expunged within 2 months and I have him to thank. Highly recommend this law firm for any traffic related charges.
Gregory Yeager Avatar
Gregory Y.
Mr. Sutton is an outstanding person & lawyer. Good results were expected but Bob exceeded expectations and got my dui and posession charges totally dropped.Highly recommend utilizing Sutton Law Firm services
Grey Wollman Avatar
Grey W.
Mr Sutton got me out of a dui and nudity charge. He was very affordable and very responsive with keeping me up to date on the case. I would highly recommend him for any of your needs!
Lauren Patton Avatar
Lauren P.
I highly recommend this attorney. He handled my calls with great attention and gave me a wonderful Christmas gift. Thank you, Bob
Kelly Beeler Avatar
Kelly B.
Mr Sutton is the best lawyer. He took care of everything for me in my dui case. He is a great person and made me feel like someone was on my side. No one else would have fought for me like he did. He knows his stuff. Dont know how he did it but he did. Amazing!!!!
Niccole Moore Avatar
Niccole M.
Bob Sutton is an amazing lawyer. He cares about his clients. He worked hard and fought for me and I know that no other lawyer would have fought for me like he did. He got my dui charges dropped. I was so embarrassed and scared and he made the whole process easy. I didn't even have to go back to sc for my court date. He took care of everything. Amazing lawyer and great person. I can move forward with my life because of him.
Mike Moore Avatar
Mike M.
Bob did an amazing job. He was very involved and reassuring in what was going on in my case. He was able to work wonders
derrick sobolesky Avatar
derrick s.
Highly recommend,
Sean Sahlem Avatar
Sean S.
Bob Sutton is a Great Attorney!! Very outstanding and Professional.I was facing second DUI charge, and Mr Sutton was able to drop both my dui cases. Thank you so much Bob. You are Awesome!!
Kelly W Avatar
Kelly W.
I cannot thank Bob Sutton enough. He walked me through a case with compassion, knowledge, and professionalism. I am forever grateful for his advisement and wisdom.
wynne84 Avatar
I want to thank Mr. Sutton for his dedication and experience on my case. The details of my were I was looking at a 3rd dui and most likely some jail time. He advised me to seek some counseling just as advice but I had to put in the work. After 90 hours of help I have stayed sober and enjoying life. Mr Sutton then called me with the good news of having it reduced to a wreckless driving and also won my hearing for my drivers license. He has gave me another shot at a better life and for that will always be thankful. If your in a similar situation I would look nowhere else to hire an attorney.
Scott Chepelsky Avatar
Scott C.
I cannot Thank You enough for the kindness, compassion and professionalism that was displayed from the very beginning. Bob was always available and guided me through the process. He took a bad situation and decision on my part and turned it into an outstanding outcome. This outcome saved my career and ability to provide. Thanks BobScott
Scott Gordon Avatar
Scott G.
Very attentive to detail, hands on, and well connected! Best DUI lawyer in the business!!!
Shawn Conklin Avatar
Shawn C.
Mr Sutton recently assisted me with a legal matter. He is always professional, friendly and most importantly, an amazing attorney. He stayed in contact with me throughout the entire process and the outcome was better than I expected! I would highly recommend him to anyone requiring legal representation!
H Todd Lee Avatar
H T.
Best lawyer in town My situation was not an easy one. I was looking at a 2nd or possible 3rd dui due to some factors. Long story short I was looking at probable jail time which is very scary. Mr. Sutton gave advice to get some help which I did on my own over 8 weeks and that along with his excellent skills got it knocked down to a wreckless and also won my dmv hearing getting my license back next week. If you are looking for a lawyer do not go anywhere else but to this man. He will help and take the stress out of your difficult situation. Thanks so much I Mr. Sutton talk soon.
Scott Avatar
Outstanding Lawyer I cannot Thank You enough for the kindness, compassion and professionalism that was displayed from the very beginning. Bob was always available and guided me through the process. He took a bad situation and decision on my part and turned it into an outstanding outcome. This outcome saved my career and ability to provide. Thanks BobScott
Scott Avatar
Bob Sutton is an absolutely excellent and compassionate lawyer who goes above and beyond for his clients. Very professional and competent man who has your best interest at heart. He handled my case without judgement and took care of all legal matters for me. I have never had to retain legal services before and I am so fortunate to have found him. He literally turned my nightmare into the best outcome I could have hoped for. I highly recommend him for any legal matters. HE IS TRULY THE BEST!!
Angie Markham Avatar
Angie M.
Best on the beach I had to have a family member walk into mr. Sutton's office cuz I was currently Behind Bars. Mr. Sutton came multiple times throughout the week to review my case. Not only did I get the results that I needed and wanted. He went over and Beyond to help me out. I highly highly highly recommend him and I will always recommend him. So if you ever find yourself needing a lawyer most definitely check out mr. Sutton. THE BEST ON THE BEACH
Eva Avatar
A Godsend! Mr. Sutton litterally saved my career and my life. I had a second offense DUI which would have destroyed my career and therefore no income. Through Mr. Sutton's expertise and strategic approach to my case coupled with his persistence and compassion made me believe in myself again. By Mr. Sutton's diligence, the charges were dropped. I am honored to have worked with Mr. Sutton and would recommend him to anyone who believes in second chances. Mr. Sutton is a true angel among us!
anonymous Avatar
Mr Sutton is the man Bob knew exactly what I needed to do. He put my mind at ease and helped me out. Very knowledgeable and skillful attorney. In the end things worked out well.
Spencer Wright Avatar
Spencer W.
Came to Bob with my career on the line. He took care of me got the results I needed and went above and beyond. Great guy Great lawyer
James Herman Avatar
James H.
Bob Sutton is a skillful and very likeable attorney. Throughout our dealings we found him honest, articulate, and knowledgeable. His advice is sound and his rates are fair. We recommend him without reservation.
John Navin Avatar
John N.
Incredible knowledge and experience. These items are not only necessary in obtaining legal counsel but difficult to come by. Highly recommend!
Luke Waddell Avatar
Luke W.
Great person and attorney I hired Mr. Sutton with my career on the line. Not only did he take care of my case and got the outcome I needed he made me feel comfortable. I felt comfortable on a first name basis like I knew him for years. Great person Great attorney.
James Avatar
Mr. Sutton was extremely easy to work with....he was very prompt in returning phone calls and answering any questions we had. We were thrilled with the outcome of my son's case and would highly recommend him. Thank you!
D W Avatar
D W.
I have no words to thank Mr. Sutton for all he did for me and my family. my husband was detained in Myrtle beach while we were on vacation from all the lawyers I spoke to in that area I did not meet one as professional as Mr. Sutton. He explained the process step by step and was always there to answer all my questions, I never had any doubts with him. My husband's case was resolved later and with a better outcome than we thought. Thank you Mr. Sutton I will always be grateful to you. God bless you . Look no further, he is the tengo palabras para agradecer a Mr. Sutton por todo lo que hizo por mi y mi famila. mi esposo fue detenido en Myrtle beach mientras estabamos de vacaciones de todos los abogados que hable en esa area no conoci a uno tan proffesional como Mr. Sutton . el me explico el processo paso por paso y siempre estuvo ahi para contestar a todas mis preguntas , nunca me quedo ninguna duda con el. el caso de mi esposo se resolvio luego y tuvo mejor final de lo que pensabamos. Gracias Mr. Sutton estare siempren agradecida con usted . Dios lo bendiga . No busque mas el es el indicado.
Alma Reyes Avatar
Alma R.
Bob Sutton is truly an amazing attorny. I now have a fresh start in life and can leave my past behind me. Mr. Sutton truly cares about his client's and will fight to get them the outcome they deserve. I cant thank you enough for all you have done for me. I 100% received a better outcome than I ever thought was possible. If your looking for a genuine person that will care about your situation and a great lawyer I can tell you Bob Sutton is the person for you honestly. :)
Lovely Deals Avatar
Lovely D.
Great attorney!! Very professional, and knowledgeable. Not one time does he make you feel less than during the process. Bob makes you feel like part of the family. Highly recommend for DUI, or any other issue you may need a great lawyer for.
Chrissy Howard Avatar
Chrissy H.
Dear Mr. Sutton,I felt compelled to write you regarding your outstanding and superbly handling of my case. My heart is full of gratefulness knowing you are my miracle. You literally saved my career which is my life. In essence, you are my Godsend. And I honestly can’t say “Thank You” enough. Having my self-respect restored coupled with my virtues and values, well, there’s just absolutely no way to value this. It’s priceless. Given the depth of your knowledge and expertise I certainly had the confidence that you would do the very best you could do for me, but I also thought that there may be nothing that could be done and I would have to face the fact that my dreams were all gone. You believed in me and you fought for me. This I will never forget and will always honor you. You helped me to believe in myself again. And I, sincerely, with everything in me, am so incredibly grateful.FG
Forever Grateful Avatar
Forever G.
Bob Sutton is an amazing attorney I couldn't have ask for better results. He got my case resolved quickly and with better results than I could have ever hoped for. I'm sure I could have found a more expensive attorney but I couldn't have found a better one. Great attorney
Doug Lewis Avatar
Doug L.
Mr. Robert Sutton is an exceptional defense attorney specializing in DUI cases. His knowledge of South Carolina motor vehicle law is without question. After contacting him during my wife's recent DUI incident he quickly addressed all of our concerns. He handled all aspects of her case in a professional and and expeditious manner putting us both at ease. Thanks to his expertise and professionalism our case was adjudicated to our satisfaction in a short period of time. We highly recommend his services to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.
William Wade Avatar
William W.
Bob is amazing! My boyfriend and I reached out to Bob after an event that happened in Myrtle Beach and within just two phone calls, Bob felt confident that he’d be able to get the whole thing dropped completely for both of us. I’m someone who’s super anxious and also slightly a control freak and so I was really worried about absolutely everything but from day one Bob said “just trust me and let me do my job” and I am so glad I did! The charges were totally dropped within the first court date. I talked to about eight attorneys around Myrtle before committing to one and Bob was by fair the most confident and experienced person I talked to who knows the legal system like the back of his hand and genuinely cares. The agenda of everyone else seemed long and daunting but with him it seemed quick and easy. He made a terrifying experience for me feel easy and get taken care of. I am so grateful for Bob and glad we worked with him and would recommend him to anyone.
Karima Neghmouche Avatar
Karima N.
U need a lawyer, Bob is your man! He got the big boy DUI dismissed for me, when my career was on the line! I love Bob! He is great! Look no further like I did, he will come through for you! ???
Patrick Parsons Avatar
Patrick P.
Mr. Bob Sutton is sent from Heaven!! Back in March of 2019 I got in some trouble that was charged as a DUI. I was referred to Mr. Sutton through a friend of a friend who only had good things to say about him. From the moment I met Mr. Sutton he was professional but also authentic, trustworthy, thorough, and knowledgeable. He kept his word on everything he told me. MY CASE ENDED UP BEING DISMISSED!!! I highly recommend Mr. Sutton. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING MR. BOB SUTTON!!!
Que Avant Avatar
Que A.
So grateful to have crossed pathways with Mr. Sutton. I have never had help from a lawyer before and I wouldn’t have known what to do if I didn’t have his guidance through my case. What a kind and understanding man. As worried as I was in the beginning he basically told me to relax and have faith that he got this, and that’s exactly what happened. He took care of everything. I left my worries in his hands and Sutton came out with the best results for my case and I am beyond grateful for that! Many thanks!
Aloha Lisa Avatar
Aloha L.
I am very pleased with Mr.Suttons work. This was my second DUI and he was able to get it expunged and removed off my record. Great man who does great work! I highly recommend him!-MPS
jane doe Avatar
jane d.
A very understanding man, to the point and extremely professional, Mr. Sutton knows how to navigate the South Carolina legal system. Providing an expert opinion for a reasonable fee, you will immediately feel confident in receiving a lesser offence, if not a conditional charge eligible for expungement/complete dismissal. Having worked with Bob twice, I wholeheartedly recommend his council to anyone who believes they are good person in a tough legal place. Every step of the process will be explained to you both thoroughly and patiently. He is also very involved in the local Myrtle community and takes great pride in his work.
Matthew Roy Avatar
Matthew R.
Highly recommend! Very knowledgeable in juvenile law. Mr. Sutton did not try to dig deep into our pockets when we were down like other lawyers. He was down to earth, made us feel comfortable and talked to us about a real outcome. Very happy when our ordeal was over!
Nina B Avatar
Nina B.
Robert Sutton really came through for me. He really went above and beyond to make sure i was helped quickly and thoroughly. He made a serious problem become just a memory.
Matthew Lanzi Avatar
Matthew L.
Robert Sutton is an awesome lawyer who will go out of his way to represent you. I totally recommend him, he's very knowledgeable in the law and will fight for you. Went to court a couple times but charges were dismissed, highly recommend him.
Rafael Renta Avatar
Rafael R.
Best lawyer ever my husband Timothy had a traffic ticket an it was knocked way down we wasn’t expecting it to go as planed but Sutton law firm got him a heck of a deal will Highly recommend this attorney to anyone he is the absolute best
Stacey Bowen Avatar
Stacey B.

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Bob Sutton is an exceptional lawyer who truly has his clients’ best interest at heart. He treats his clients with... read more
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Sydney T.