Being arrested is one of the most traumatic things that can happen to a person and it often has a profound effect on their families and loved ones. A once bright future now lies in potential ruin. A valued job or promotion is on the line. A college scholarship or financial aid is at risk. Whether a local or a visitor, you need a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney who knows the law as well as the persons who work within the local criminal justice system. Mr. Sutton is a highly experienced criminal defense attorney who has handled hundreds of criminal cases of every kind and has trial experience in offenses ranging from simple misdemeanors to Murder. Typical cases we handle include drug possession, possession with intent to distribute drugs (PWID), distribution of drugs, assault and battery and ABHAN, Criminal Domestic Violence, Breach of Trust, Driving Under Suspension, Driving Under the Influence, FTC Card Fraud, and many others. We also handle juvenile court charges. Mr. Sutton has a wealth of experience in defending and obtaining successful outcomes in criminal cases. Call him at 843-626-0708 for a free consultation.

Young Persons /Students /Juveniles

“I never thought it would happen to my child” are words Mr. Sutton has heard far too many times. Even the best young people from the best of families can find themselves on the wrong side of the law. It only takes a few moments of poor judgment to put a bright future at risk. At the Sutton Law Firm, we know how valuable your child and their future is to you. That’s why Mr. Sutton gives cases involving young persons everything he has. It is always his primary goal to keep your child from having a permanent criminal record. Over the years, he has achieved an outstanding record of success in obtaining favorable outcomes in even the most serious types of cases involving young persons, whether in adult court or juvenile court. Whether the case involves burglary, aggravated assault, drug distribution, drug trafficking, alcohol and driving related offenses, domestic violence, or a false allegation of a sexual assault, Mr. Sutton has many years of experience in handling these types of cases. He can’t guarantee outcomes. But he can assure you that he will give your child’s cause his very best. Feel free to ask him about some of the outcomes he has achieved in similar cases. Nothing gives Mr. Sutton greater personal and professional satisfaction than obtaining an excellent result for a young person in a case involving high stakes for their future. *

Former and Current Military Members

Mr. Sutton has walked in your boots. He understands the special needs of those who are serving and can relate to those who have served. He served five years in the United States Army. He spent three of those years with the 1st Armored Division in Erlangen, Germany between 1986 and 1988. He served thirty months as a platoon leader in both tank and cavalry scout platoons. While still a student at The Citadel, he trained at Ft. Jackson, SC, Fort Bragg, NC, and earned the coveted Airborne wings at Ft. Benning, Ga., and the Air Assault badge at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He ended his service as a Captain in the Cavalry Weapons Department at Ft. Knox, KY. There is a special bond amongst all who have worn the uniform and served this great nation. Just as military members stand shoulder to shoulder in defense of this country, Mr. Sutton will stand with you and defend your case vigorously. You earned that.

Drug Cases

Drugs know no social boundaries. The accused may be a doctor or lawyer or an unemployed laborer. Few cases have more lasting and devastating consequences than a drug conviction. The more immediate consequences of a conviction include long driver's license suspensions and possible prison terms. Obtaining successful results in drug cases requires particular knowledge and skill. These cases can involve complicated search and seizure issues, drug analysis questions, and chain of custody issues. Mr. Sutton has a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success in handling all types of drug cases including Possession, Possession with Intent to Distribute, Distribution, and Trafficking.

Serious Felony Cases

A citizen confronts a criminal and orders him to stay put. The criminal refuses to obey and the citizen fires a single gunshot and finds himself charged with Murder. A trusted employee is accused of taking company funds and finds herself charged with Breach of Trust. A man trying to defend his family from a threat finds himself charged with Aggravated Assault. Being charged with a crime can happen to anyone. At any time. "I never thought it could happen to me" is a refrain repeated countless times. Felony convictions carry dramatic consequences. Long prison sentences, mandatory minimum sentences in some cases, no parole in certain cases, and serious collateral consequences that accompany a conviction. If you or a loved one is facing serious criminal charges, Mr. Sutton will fight for you and be there for you, every step of the way.

Misdemeanor Cases/ City Court (Municipal)/ Magistrates Court/CTC/CJC

In South Carolina any offense which carries up to thirty (30) days in jail is a Magistrate/Municipal Court level offense. These offenses include but are not limited to Simple Assault, Criminal Domestic Violence, Simple Possession of Drugs, Driving Under Suspension, and most Motor Vehicle Offenses. In many cases (every case depends upon its own unique facts) Mr. Sutton is able to negotiate a favorable resolution of the charge without the need for trial. However, Mr. Sutton is a skilled trial lawyer who stands ready to defend your rights should trial be necessary.

Traffic Cases and Speeding Tickets

We all agree that our insurance rates are already too high. If you find yourself charged with a traffic offense and desire to contest it, you'll need the services of an attorney who is highly familiar with the workings of traffic court. Mr. Sutton has a great deal of experience in handling and trying cases in "traffic court" (variously known as Magistrate's Court, Municipal Court, Central Traffic Court (CTC), or Central Jury Court (CJC)). Call Mr. Sutton for a free consultation to determine if we can help with yours.

*Please note that we do not accept all types of cases. There are some types of sex crimes we do not accept. Please ask Mr. Sutton for more information.